about us

Created in 2017 by Caitlyn Everett, Sunday Lane is a store and studio born out of love, and wild dreams. A believer in creating rare and beautiful products, Sunday Lane specialise in paper, print, curated gifts and dreamy words. 'She is fire, with a lightning soul. She is fierce, and wild, and brimming with passion. She is wonderful magic, a hurricane.' - Sunday Lane

The brand begun as a personal project and grew into an entire collection of both print and product that are now stocked in over 30 stores across Australia. Specifically, the Zodiac Women were dreamed up to create a way of dealing with insecurities and turn self doubts into positives. Something that has impacted hundreds, now thousands of women.

’These words move beyond the meaning of star signs, rather inspiring affirmation as a persistent and inspirational practice we all need a little more of.’
- Willow Speaks.

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