Sunday Lane


We’re dreaming up a series of letters from some of our most loved women in business. Women we adore, women who wake up each morning and inspire us to be better, push harder. Women who like us, make mistakes, learn lessons and through all of it, thrive.

There is no better place to start than here. With me and my journey.

Sunday Lane was born out of pure chance, an absolute dream come true and one hell of a wild ride. For the most part, we’ve been making it up as we go along, growing, creating and dreaming one day at a time. A lot has changed since the beginning of our journey (aside from getting married, bringing Morgan into the world and both quitting our 9-5 jobs) we’ve had ups and we’ve had some very low downs. I was recently thinking about some of the lessons I’ve learnt and what I would say to myself if I could go back. So here it is, a letter to myself.

Trust your gut darling. Trust your gut and do not compromise on your style. 

There will come a time when people will ask things of you. You’ll be blessed to be apart of collaborations, competitions, giveaways, custom products, and in the beginning you will be so open to everything. You still get that rush, that beautiful feeling in your stomach when someone chooses you. You have your head down, ferociously working to build your brand. Whatever it takes, big or small, and that is great, for now. Being open to opportunities isn’t a bad thing. Look at where it has led you. But just remember it’s okay to say no. 

As you head full speed ahead into your second year of business with absolutely no signs of slowing down, I want you to remember a few things…

Value your work, value your ideas and your brands worth, value the set of skills that you bring to the table. You are unique and you have value. Recognise it and fight for it. Your time means everything. That hour you spent on someone else for free could have been your next collection, or design. Don’t give away your time so lightly. Your time is growing your business, it is dreaming up new projects and it is time with your son, and that is indespensible.

Don’t jump straight in and say yes to everything. Do your research. Just like the way that you work for weeks on something before you launch it, be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Ask questions and when you think you know enough, ask more.

Spend the time on projects you love. Rushing only cultivates doubt. If you want to be confident in what you are putting out into the world, slow down. You have a constant need to always be moving. Your dreams are big and you want everything done now. Morgan will help with that. You will need to learn to go with the flow more but don’t beat yourself up over timing. Trust the universe my dear. It will all come in time.

Call the shots. Don’t let yourself be bossed around or talked into something you can’t 100 percent pour your whole heart into. Be apart of the decision making, take charge even. Don’t be afraid to stand alone in a crowd and make your voice heard. Be the biggest advocate for your own ideas. Take the risk. It could pay off.

Align yourself with the right people. Your people. Collaborations are your friend and when done well can bring a world of love. But don’t just jump into bed with anyone. Find your fit my girl. Make sure it is right for you.

It will pay off. The hard work, the late nights, I promise it will all be worth it. When you look back and see how far you’ve come you will be grateful, and in slight disbelief. You have strengths and weaknesses but that is what makes you magic. Continue being so open but please, for your own sake, trust your gut.

All my love,