Krystle Knight Jewellery


We’re dreaming up a series of letters from some of our most loved women in business. Women we adore, women who wake up each morning and inspire us to be better, push harder. Women who like us, make mistakes, learn lessons and through all of it, thrive. We recently asked the superwoman behind Krystle Knight Jewellery to be apart of our journal, and here is what she had to say…

KKJ was born in 2013 from the love of jewellery and the magical energy I felt when wearing and carrying around little crystals. 

It has been a slow and very organic growth for myself and the brand. I am grateful for every single moment, every single order and every single share on social media. Every single person who supports myself and the brand, and in turn, supports my little family.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would be living in Byron Bay, with a baby boy, and a jewellery label that turns 6 this year. Anything is possible.

Krystle, you are much much more than what you think you are. The heart ache, the loss, the tears… oh the tears, the anxiety. It has all brought you to this exact moment.

The universe already has a plan for you. Try, please try to enjoy the ride. 

You are always going to be ok. You have friends and family that will always be there for you. No matter what happens. You are going to be OK.

Please, always trust your intuition, you are much more in tune with your higher self than you think. If you are putting off doing something, or making a decision for KKJ (or personally), you already know the answer within.

Be authentic, be honest, be yourself & everything else will follow.

Slow Down. Please Slow Down. Now that you have a son and you have nearly survived the hardest, most challenging, most sleep deprived, emotional year of your life; put your phone down. Enjoy your time with your son, watch him play and touch and feel things for the first time, watch him take his first roll from his front to back and back to front. His first crawl, his first steps.

Listen to those little sounds, as he tries to say his first words. Hold him while he sleeps and cherish those moment, rather than thinking of all of those little things that need to be done around the house or on emails. They can wait.

Time flies. Be grateful and kind, for all of those little moments in life.

With love always and forever,

Krystle xo