Dreamt up by author and illustrator, Caitlyn Everett, Sunday Lane is a store and studio founded on modern-day narratives and inspired gifting. The brand has been overwhelmed with an affection that has allowed a personal project to grow into an entire collection of both print and product carried in over 60 stores globally. Sunday Lane has worked on projects with clients such as Spell, Magali PascalAn Organised LifeKate & Kole, By CharlotteKrystle Knight Jewellery and Nikkou Store.

A guide to self-discovery, Sunday Lane’s collection of Zodiac Women moves beyond the meaning of astrology, rather shining light on inner uncertainties and inspiring sweet affirmation. Her work translates as a gentle reminder to look to the stars, or her, for resolution. Born out of a place of profound love, these verses of powerful musings, a romantic blend of poetry and heart, offer sweet meaning to this beautiful, chaotic life, no matter what the season.

Filled with a collection of globally sourced homewares, furniture, jewellery and gifts. The Sunday Lane store is inspired by effortless, natural beauty and captures the magic of handmade details, offering a unique range of local, Australian and international makers.