Fast paced daily routines need slow moments of mindful ritual.
Time to return to self, what feels good, and nourishing the body from the inside out. Treats for the mind, body and soul.
For those that crave considered practises to balance the busy-ness of life,
explore this collection of simple luxuries designed to be enjoyed in moments of self care.


left, OUD oudwood, geranium & parsley seed candle 
right, oat milk handmade soap cube


left, gratitude notebook available in beige, brown and black
right, totum naturopathy wellness and skincare created with naturopathic principles

left, sienna brume eau de parfum
right, loco love twin set decadent vegan artisan chocolates 



 B U Y E R S  T I P :

For a thoughtful gesture, curate a selection of indulgent gifts,
personal luxuries that they might not buy for themselves.
Chocolates, candles, skincare and notepads to be with their thoughts.
If your receiver is a Mumma, include an offer to babysit on the card 
so that she can have a night to enjoy her self care selection.

left, honey pillar candle
right, parfum discovery set by mihan aromatics 


left, naturally derived eau de parfum by st rose
right, YEN pine, cedar leaf and citrus amber jar candle


left, lemon myrtle sandalwood eucalyptus body cleanser, soah cube soap
right, 2021 weekly diary by an organised life


lief offers gift-ready sets of hand and body care
that are as beautiful to use as they look in your bathroom