pisces woman: Kara Hynes

Kara Hynes, and one of our absolute favourite Pisces women is a Brisbane-based florist, photographer and stylist. The creative brains behind projects such as Halcyon House and Howard Smith Wharves, her work has been published in Vogue Living, Inside Out Magazine, Real Living Magazine, Adore Magazine and on The Design Files. We spoke with Kara about her inspirations, the women she surrounds herself with and being a proud Pisces woman. Kara's work is a testament to her incredible talents, her eye for design and her passion to create beautiful things. She is a hard-worker, a mother and a full time dreamer. 

'I think that there is always inspiration and beauty to be found no matter where you are looking.'

On being a Pisces Woman.

I think that I truly do embody the Pisces woman. I'm a total dreamer, a hopeless romantic and have to be creative. I think that my sign lends to me being nurturing and willing to give in all aspects of my life. It also lends to me thinking outside the box which is super important in my work.

The women she surrounds herself with.

In life generally I try to surround myself with positive, witty (because who doesn't love to laugh) creative, honest and trustworthy women.  

A philosophy she lives by.

Don't blow out someone else's candle to make yours shine brighter.

Her favourite holiday destination.

Anywhere that my family is with me, I work a lot (more than I care to admit) and any time that I get to wholly and solely focus on them and for us to all be together is my idea of heaven.

Her favourite sources of inspiration.

Oh I find inspiration absolutely everywhere, it can be as mundane as driving and taking in typography around me or the way colours sit next to each other. I think that there is always inspiration and beauty to be found no matter where you are looking. I feel lucky that I have an endless imagination and conceptually paint pictures and mentally file things that I love in my head. It's like my own version of Pinterest inside my brain.

Her ideal Sunday.

A slow start to the morning, cooking something delicious for breakfast and then seeing where the day takes us. I always love a day at the gallery
or a long lunch in our backyard with friends.

And lastly, what makes a woman beautiful.

Being kind, having a warm smile and a great sense of humour.

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