Cancer Woman: Lauren Burns

This month we embrace the kind and creative energy of Cancer.

A highly intuitive sign, with a nurturing heart. Cancerians stand in this world with a gentle presence to remind us to love and be loved, that being softly led by feeling is actually the truest strength. 

Join us as we meet this month's Cancer woman. 

Meet Lauren Burns - Content Creator, Designer and our most recent zodiac woman.

We are delighted to introduce Lauren, a rising star in the world of fashion and styling, with a distinctly minimal and refined aesthetic. Located in the Central Coast of NSW, Lauren's creative eye and talent for crafting artfully composed imagery has led her to building an impressive portfolio of visual work spanning from Australia's most well respected to newly emerging fashion labels.
We recently had Lauren share with us what it means to her to be a Cancer woman, how she is led by the intuitiveness of her sign in both work and life, and her ideal Sunday rituals. We hope you enjoy this read. 

Your platform is a mecca for minimalist style inspiration, and many may not grasp an understanding of the creativity it takes to continually produce and innovate as you do through your content. What makes you feel your most creative? What do you do or where do you go to fuel inspiration?

Thank you so much for acknowledging this! I definitely agree with this statement. As silly as this sounds, I’m most creative when I’m relaxed and have “me time” to indulge in my thoughts. I like to flick through old Vogue archives or fashion books and listen to podcasts featuring fellow creatives. It really motivates me and gets the creative juices flowing!
Recently I’ve hit a creative block simply because I haven’t had the space to pause and let those ideas flow freely. I definitely find a change of scenery or small holiday fuels my creativity again but it’s learning to find the time in my schedule to let the creative spark continuously flow rather than being so sporadic - that’s the challenge for me. 

To master a minimalist mindset it takes restraint and consideration. How does this philosophy manifest in your approach to curating your wardrobe and home?

I’ve always thrived in a clean, open space. Clutter distracts me so being a minimalist isn’t something I need to work towards, it definitely comes naturally. With the recent purchase of my house I definitely have a lot of visions and different ideas for each space so that’s where consideration comes in. I tend to sit on an idea and really digest it for 2-3 months before I make a decision so I know it is what I truly want and I’m not just succumbing to a trend. 
Similarly with my wardrobe, I’ve been lucky enough to develop a really beautiful (and full!) closet so it isn’t really minimalistic in the true sense, but I do gravitate towards the same core pieces so this is where restraint comes in. As much as I love every piece I own, I try to seperate the garments I haven’t worn in 2+ months into a pile so they can find a home where they’ll receive the love and attention they deserve. 

Congratulations on the purchase of your new home! As you embark on making it your own, take us through your thought process and what you want to create.

Thank you so much! It’s a huge upgrade for us so my current thought process is to just slap some paint on the walls and move into a blank canvas. I have lots of ideas for each space, the overall vibe is modern minimalist (surprise surprise!) but I like to sit with my thoughts for a while before rushing into things so I know I’m making the right decision. We also won’t have the funds to make any huge changes to flooring etc for a while so that makes the waiting game easier! 

As a woman, we expect so much from ourselves. We'd love to know more about the women you surround yourself with and how they guide and inspire you.

My Mum. She is everything and I honestly owe all of my success to her. What some people may not know about me is between content creation, my recent clothing collection and all of the events and photoshoots in between, I work an office job which I absolutely couldn’t manage if it weren’t for her. She’s my number one supporter but is also a huge realist so she has encouraged me to keep my eggs in multiple baskets! Her selflessness inspires me everyday and I hope one day I can be half the mother she is. 
As far as inspirations within the industry I have many but the few I resonate with most include Jacinta, founder of Jacinta James, Beck of An Organised Life,  Marloe of Marloe / Marloe and Sara of The Undone Store.

As a Cancer Woman, a nurturer, intuitive and led by the heart, do you resonate with your sign? What are some of the strengths, or parts of being a Cancer that you love?

I absolutely resonate with my sign. I’m a huge homebody so need alone time and quality family time to feel energised. My social battery is limited and I’m a huge introvert. I’ve always made sacrifices for others and put myself last but I’m proud to say I’m no longer as vulnerable as I used to be and have set boundaries around who/what I expend my energy on.
I’m highly empathetic and I definitely think that rules me, I really do feel the weight of the world on my shoulders which I think is important to an extent but can leave you in a pessimistic state which is unhealthy. Overall I just love our zodiac symbol being the crab and what it represents - hard and sheltered on the outside but a real delicacy on the inside!

Sunday is a day to pause, reset and to spend time doing the things we treasure most. What does your ideal Sunday look like?

I’m making a conscious effort to read more (I read four books over the two week Christmas/NY break but haven’t touched one since) and to walk on the beach more, especially since our new place is closer to the beach than we currently are (which is only a 5 min drive away anyway so we really have no excuses). Anything outdoors and offline rather than prepping (or stressing) for the week ahead. That’s Monday’s problem! 

T H E   W R A P

Something you are dreaming up for this year...

It was a house and that just happened! Manifestation is real.

Something you treasure most.


And where do you find inspiration for your home?

Architecture books and Pinterest. 

Your work soundtrack:

Frank Ocean, always. 

A favourite memory:

Our European summer in 2019 before the world changed. 

And lastly, what do you think truly makes a woman beautiful?

Their personality. Someone who is genuine, kind and warm. 

We hope you loved our In Conversation with Lauren as much as we absolutely adored interviewing her. To follow Lauren, you can find her here.

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