For the wonderful woman that guides you, inspires you and adores you.

An assortment of beautiful, heartfelt gifts from Sunday Lane and local brands we admire.


St Rose Juliet in White Eau De Parfum
Left Image created by @benjaminholtrop

Sunday Lane store Embla 01 Vase.

Luxe chocolate treats by Loco Love.


Sunday Lane x Kate & Kole Zodiac Woman Necklaces.


House of Harvey Co home delivered Cheese Hampers. 

Sunday Lane Zodiac Series 03 Prints, (hang hers next to yours).
Right image created by @ashgrats


Marmoset Found divine hand cast glass Vases.


 Sunday Lane Vera hand made Prints.


 Clae Studio hand made ceramic Vessels.

Cisco & the Sun Dewa Cup.


Alix Yang Orion Gold Hoop Earrings.


Sunday Lane store Dried Rose bouquet.


Black Blaze Sydney's designer Pillar Candles.

An Organised Life Dreamer Notebook (write her a sweet mantra or message on the inside cover).