To them, style is everything. It is all about simple, pared back beauty.
Quality over quantity. Honouring considered design and a refined palette.
For the tastemakers and eternally stylish in your circles,
adopt a less is more approach with gifting and opt for timeless accessories
and luxury wares that speak to their eye for considered aesthetics.

left, eden ring
right, A4 daily diary, large layouts for ordered souls
that like to keep everything in one place

left, bambi black sunglasses by raie eyewear
right, munlark ash parfum oil, low profile for travel and handbags

left, refined inspiration on the pages of jane magazine
right, black bean soy milk cube soap



 B U Y E R S  T I P :

 There's no denying that this is a discerning recipient.
If challenged to find the perfect present, select a more modest gift and pair with a 
gift card so that they can carefully select a higher ticket item to call their own.
Sometimes it's better to give the gift of choice, so that they can get something they truly love.

left, st rose parfum discovery set
right, monday paper back notebook


left, eternally classic chain romance bracelet
right, desert nomad st rose parfum


left, anyone girl magazine
right, subtle yet timeless freshwater pearl poppy earrings


the harley cream sunglasses, fragrance by mihan aromatics
and sonia ring