virgo woman: Belinda Madonini, Bianko Jewellery


Meet Belinda Madonini, founder and creator of BIANKO jewellery and our most recent zodiac woman.

Belinda's world has always surrounded her with precious treasures, her family working in the jewellery industry for over 30 years. Inspired by this she channeled her creative spirit into founding BIANKO, seeking to design beautifully crafted and timeless accessories for modern women to wear and treasure every day.

We recently had Belinda share with us her ideal Sunday, inspirations and what it means to her to be a Virgo Woman.

Name: Belinda Madonini
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Job Title: Founder & Director, BIANKO Jewellery



On being a Virgo Woman.  

I resonate completely with my zodiac sign. I’m a perfectionist at heart, and I am always looking at improving my skills and knowledge base. Virgos are said to be creative, patient, and reliable, all traits that I would like to say I embody. I am also an over-thinker and loveee to make plans. I would like to consider these positive traits but my fiancé, Matt (who is a Gemini) might argue otherwise!


On the women she surrounds herself with.

There are so many beautiful women who have played a fundamental role in BIANKO’s development. I like to think of them as my extended business family. Perth is so rich with local talent, I am spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing photographers, models, stylists, graphic designers etc. Everyone I work or collaborate with are so lovely and supportive, it makes for such a nice and fun environment! I also need to make a special shoutout to Mina who has been helping me with BIANKO’s marketing and business development for the past two years. I really wouldn’t know what I’d do without her! 

In life, it would be the women in my family and my closest friends. I feel lucky to be surrounded by such strong, independent, kind-hearted and supportive women. 

Her favourite piece of jewellery.

My engagement ring is my favourite piece of jewellery. It is so special to me and catch myself staring at it several times a day!

Also, my Birth Month Flower necklace (Aster for September), which is part of BIANKO’s latest collection. 


A recommendation.

I can not recommend ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ by Delia Owens highly enough. Such a power and profound story, and one of my favourite books to date. 


On finding inspiration in a rut. 

BIANKO is inspired by the everyday modern woman. From the beginning, my mission was to create jewellery with ‘the BIANKO woman’ and her lifestyle in mind.

I spend a lot of time observing trends and discovering ways they can be applied to classic and timeless designs. I try to design pieces that will find a place in every woman’s jewellery box. If I find myself in a rut, I will make time to just observe. Whether I am at a local cafe or out with friends, I like to observe the women around me and in my surroundings and see what jewellery pieces they have chosen to put on that day and how they wear/style them. I then aim to design pieces that will compliment and elevate these styles. 


Her ideal Sunday.

A slow rise, followed by coffee in bed (and an almond croissant if I’m lucky!). 

A late brunch and walk along the coast. Spending time with Matt and our two dogs, ending the day with a yummy dinner and glass of vino or G&T.


And lastly, what do you think makes a woman beautiful?

Confidence and inner-strength, a kind heart and genuine soul.

 We hope you loved our In Conversation with Belinda Madonini as much as we absolutely adored interviewing her. To discover the BIANKO collection visit their website here and follow on social here.