libra woman: Veronica Tucker

Meet Veronica Tucker, creative director and designer of Veronica Tucker the Label and our most recent zodiac woman.

With an eye for interpreting modern feminine forms into the most dreamy, voluminous garments Veronica is a genuine soul and dear friend of Sunday Lane. Championing a slow approach to fashion, her bespoke collections are lovingly hand made in her Melbourne studio - a process we love to follow.

Emerging in 2019 her talent for creating all things beautiful has landed her as one to watch, with designs already adored by the likes of Jasmine Dowling, Alison Rice and of course, us.

We recently had Veronica share with us her ideal Sunday, inspirations and what it means to her to be a Libra Woman.


Name: Veronica Tucker
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Job Title: Designer of Veronica Tucker the Label
Zodiac: Libra



On being a Libra woman.

I completely resonate with the Libran sense of justice. Throughout my whole life I’ve always felt a strong compulsion to stand up for what I believe in or when I feel something is wrong. I also have no issue saying exactly what I feel is right in any situation, which can be both a blessing and a curse.

However the trait that Librans can’t make up their mind is definitely not me. I’ve always known exactly what I want whether it’s something small like Earl Grey or English Breakfast tea or if it’s an opinion on a complex political or social issue. 


The women she surrounds herself with.

My mum is and always has been my strongest inspiration. She grew up in a small country town and as soon as she turned 18 she moved to the city to become a nurse, travelled all over the world by herself including going to India to work with Mother Teresa.

She then became a single mother with two children under the age of three and kept working as a full-time nurse. Then went on to take my brother and I to Europe for six months when she had the choice of a new garage or a once-in-a-lifetime trip (we were 10 and 11 years old). We lived and went to primary school in Ireland while she worked in a local sandwich shop. Then we hired a car and stayed in hostels all around England, Scotland and France. 

Also, my closest girlfriends are all so different and the diversity of their professions, personalities and opinions are so important in my life as it gives me perspective and inspiration. 


On her everyday rituals.

These days working from home or my studio it’s essential that I move because I can easily get absorbed in my work and sit at my sewing machine all day.

Currently it’s either pre-natal yoga, walking or low impact body weight exercises. 

Also, face oil! The Go-To Face Hero is my liquid gold. 


Her current recommendations.

For anyone wanting to be inspired my go-to podcasts are How To Fail with Elizabeth Day and Offline the Podcast with Alison Rice. 

Those two podcasts gave me so much motivation to finally leave my full-time designer role to start my own business and invest in myself.


How she finds inspiration in a rut.

This has been especially difficult at the moment. My inspiration comes from visiting galleries, fabric stores and seeing unique architecture. But at the moment, that’s impossible because of restrictions here in Melbourne. 

So instead I decided to take a social media break, which has really helped me focus but has also taught me how important it is to take your foot off the gas every now and then and just be in the moment.

I think being in a state where you’re constantly absorbing other people’s work or style, you become influenced so easily and you forget to look inward.

So if you’re in a rut; unplug and delve inside yourself. 


Her ideal Sunday.

Pancakes with sliced banana and too much maple syrup! Then going for a walk in the sun with my husband to our local café for a strong soy latte. 

Then spending the afternoon listening to Billie Holiday and painting or drawing. 


And lastly, what makes a woman beautiful.

Laughter. Laughter makes everyone beautiful.


We hope you loved our In Conversation with Veronica Tucker as much as we absolutely adored interviewing her.

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