Meet the Maker: Posie

What does it mean to truly enhance and enjoy the ordinary rituals of everyday? In a time which sees slowing down as an act of self-care, a cultural obsession, and an ever-evolving industry, there is no single way, no definition of the many ways to encourage sweet moments of rest. 

The current climate is one of self-care and empowerment. At the heart of Posie rests a desire to encourage contemplation and creativity through a unique sensory experience. 

Meet Posie, an Australian candle brand inspired by the ability of scent to evoke memories and embrace the true beauty of slow.

Co-founded by Ashleigh Sampson and Casie Brooker, Posie are committed to creating a fair, cruelty free and environtmentally sustainable brand. As an Australian small batch candle company, each blend is carefully crafted and poured in the Byron Bay studio, using 100% soy wax, natural fine fragrance and essential oils. Admired for their desire to create new, unfamiliar scents Posie has worked on collaborations with brands such as Assembly Label and Pampa.

Posie is a source of inspiration, rest and connection, with an innate understanding for the power of the senses and how to connect people with themselves - Posie is, for us, an expression of what self-care means today. 

We recently had Ash and Casie, the creators behind Posie, share with us a look into their inspirations, something they treasure most and their ideal Sunday. We hope you enjoy this read. 
On finding inspiration.

Typically, we draw inspiration from experiences and the enlightenment that comes with exploring a new landscape or place. Not being able to travel and move around this year has removed a big part of our process. We’ve found ourselves looking inwards and realised by simply taking a step back from a situation can provide the space to create.


Everyday rituals.

Coffee without fail, and a walk with our dog Frankie. 


On something treasured.

Our health and vitality. It allows us the freedom to not only work and provide, it’s also so crucial in how we approach our day. 

Given this year, and the stripping back of our modern day conveniences or more specifically the social aspect and ease in entertainment of sorts. Just being able to wake up and go for a run or walk to clear our heads, paddle on a board or take a dip in the ocean has been so valuable.

Feeling good both physically and mentally has been a big part of helping to keep us going in amongst the constant change for our business and having the clarity to manage it... 
A recommendation.

We picked up the book ‘Pasta Grannies’ most recently and love not only the delicious recipes, but getting to know the women behind each dish and their pride in sharing part of their story. It has definitely placed Italy back up on the top of the list of places to revisit when we can.


An ideal Sunday.

Pancakes, a pour over coffee, hunting for old records and fish and chips by the river with our dog is our ideal kind of Sunday.


Posie favourites.

Casie: VAL which is a blend of Rose, Sandalwood and Yuzu is a special one for me and its sentiment. It is named after my Grandmother Valerie. I grew up spending my school holidays with her, quite often outside playing and helping in this amazing rose garden she tended. It brings back such vivid memories and much like this blend, I can’t pass by a rose without thinking of her.

Ash: SUR - a blend of cedarwood, amber and patchouli. It was the very first blend we created 5 years ago and I will never forget the moment we burned it for the first time. It took me straight back to our travels in Big Sur, California. I think it will always be a favourite. 
We hope you adored our most recent Meet the Maker with Ash and Casie, co-founders of Posie, as much as we absolutely loved interviewing them. 

Discover and shop our collection of Posie candles here, or follow their journey at @weareposie

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