scorpio woman: Eloise Jenkins

This month we embrace the authentic and unwavering spirit of Scorpio.

With an overwhelming magnetism just like her celestial counterpart, the scorpion, she has the strength to move mountains, especially for those she loves. Sincere, ambitious and decisive, Scorpio truly has a powerful influence that you can’t help but feel drawn to.

Join us as we meet this month’s zodiac woman. 

Meet Eloise Jenkins, graphic designer and creative behind Apricate Studio, owner of Apothetea and our most recent zodiac woman.

A true creative, Eloise Jenkins has an eye for capturing sun drenched scenes, unique moments and products in the most beautiful of ways. Located on the northern New South Wales coast, Eloise is kept busy running two businesses that both embrace her eye for design. In the true spirit of Scorpio she approaches both with a sense of resilience, determination and true passion for all that she creates.

Her main focus is Apricate Studio, thoughtfully creating timeless and fresh branding design and photography for an impressive collection of beauty and lifestyle brands. In addition to this, a new door has recently opened for Eloise with her second business Apothetea, who craft aromatic infused teas specially blended to enhance daily routine and wellbeing. As she shares with us, their blends make for an ideal complement to a slow sunday morning.

We recently had Eloise share with us what it means to her to be a Scorpio woman, her approach to design and her ideal Sunday. We hope you enjoy this read.


On being a Scorpio woman.

I feel like a lot of the time people bring up the negative traits of a Scorpio but I've learnt to love my sign. I am stubborn, resilient and emotional which I see as a positive. I'm also loyal and never give up. I have a few friends that are Scorpios and we gel so well! 

On personal style and design.

I think good design is considerate, I am also considerate with my wardrobe in a similar sense. I'm trying to only bring in pieces I absolutely love and will keep for years to come. I also adore pinks and neutrals. 

On her everyday rituals.

Walking my mini Dachshund Cleo at the beach! A good tea from my brand Apothetea and also just half an hour sitting on the back deck in the sun to clear my mind. At the moment I'm working long hours so I am just trying to insert a bit of personal time where I can.

The women she surrounds herself with.

My Mum raised my brother and I as a single mother and I couldn't love her more. She is an absolute powerhouse and inspires me on the daily. I think any woman who stands up for what they believe in, I will always really admire. Women that are struggling but still push on. Some of my favourite creatives are also Helen Koker, Jasmine Dowling & Shakirra Rees. 

On future dreams.

We are looking at spaces at the moment which is a whirlwind! I have a few exciting design projects I can't quite talk about, also running our tea label Apothetea.

Her ideal Sunday.

A sleep in, good breakfast at a local cafe, a trip to the dog beach and taking some photos! It's the little things for me. 

And lastly, what makes a woman beautiful.

Being confident, kind and supportive. It doesn't matter if someone is the most beautiful person in the room if they aren't kind.


We hope you loved our In Conversation with Eloise Jenkins as much as we absolutely adored interviewing her.

To discover more about Eloise's Graphic Design agency, Apricate Studio, find their website here and shop her beautiful collection of premium organic tea blends at Apothetea here.
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Images by Shakirra Rees.