in conversation: Rosalie Molloy

Meet Rosalie Molloy, a brand and creative consultant with a highly coveted aesthetic and eye for capturing beautiful moments.

A long time friend of Sunday Lane, Rosalie is an eternal source of inspiration. Her creative eye has led her through a background in PR and now onto her current focus as a Creative Producer and Brand Strategist behind her creative studio, Not Saving Lives. Her signature blend of femme, vintage and modern elements are always styled to effortless perfection in her sun drenched home. You'll often recognise one of her light filled images amongst the grid's of the most beautiful brands. 


We recently had the delight of chatting with Rosalie about the women in her life, where she finds inspiration and her ideal sunday.



Location: Sydney, Australia

Job Title: Founder of Not Saving Lives

Zodiac sign: Libra

We would love to know more of the women you surround yourself with, in business or in life.

The women I surround myself with are honest, warm and thoughtful. Their light shines through how they make you feel when you’re with them. Witty to no end, they’re always easily persuaded to join you for a wine or two and love nothing more than talking about absolutely everything and nothing all at once.

And what are some of your favourite sources of inspiration?

Most of my inspiration really comes from light, and textures, the perfect imperfections. It could be a flower, fruit, the way the light falls, I am forever inspired by the organic and the authentic. I’m inspired most where the result is undone, effortless and as though it was captured or created by accident.

What is your most memorable highlight in business, or in life?

One of my most memorable highlights in business was when I finally decided on a name for my creative outlet. This may seem small, but as notoriously indecisive (I’m a Libra after all) this meant understanding the ‘why’ behind what I was doing. ‘Not Saving Lives’ was a constant injection of perspective, that I could take risks, creatively or otherwise, and know that if it didn’t turn out the way I had hoped it wouldn’t be the end of the world and I could just try again - this reminder still helps keep me centered, even now.

What is something in your life you treasure most?

Time with my family, time to create, and the time in the sunshine - bonus points for all three at once.

Your work soundtrack.

It really depends on my mood but I usually love to listen to conversation. While I’m working I’ll pop on one of my favourite podcasts (After Work Drinks is my latest - it’s soul soothing!) and it really keeps me engaged and entertained at the same time, it’s the closest thing to having a co-worker you can bounce ideas off of.

And your ideal Sunday?

A slow start, either a coffee in bed, or a brunch treat. Brunch is such a special meal for me and this is one I love to share with my (extended) family - brunch club, to us. Then a little time to create something and plenty of forced cuddles with my puppy, Sunny.

Lastly, what do you think makes a woman beautiful?

Kindness, warmth, and authenticity, these traits radiate beauty to me.



We hope you loved our In Conversation with Rosalie as much as we absolutely adored interviewing her. 

Discover Rosalie's blog and website here, or follow her @rosaliemolloy