leo woman: Beck Wadworth

Meet Beck Wadworth, founder and director of the ever stylish stationary label, An Organised Life and our most recent zodiac woman. 

Creating a brand that marries function and style, Beck lives and breathes the An Organised Life brand. Her minimal aesthetic and refined personal style are highly coveted and as a true Leo she is the poster girl for organisation. A self-confessed stationary addict herself, Beck designs this beautifully curated collection help bring structure to busy lives through chic products and helpful content on how to live a more organised life.

We recently had Beck share with us her everyday rituals, inspirations and what it means to be a Leo Woman.

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Job Title: Founder & Creative Director of An Organised Life

Zodiac sign: Leo

On being a Leo Woman.

The older I get the more I resonate with my zodiac sign. I thought being a fiery Leo was always a bad thing but my specific Leo fire is in my determination & drive. In terms of other traits that are very me, obviously I'm very organised! But I'm also very loyal, loving, passionate, self-motivated & positive.

Her favourite sources of inspiration.

I find inspiration through so many sources. Through traveling, through loved ones, through social media, through my amazing customers. I'm such a creative & when a moment of inspiration comes to me & I feel really strongly about it I have to go with my gut. For example, with my brand, I never push myself to launch X amount of products a year, I believe in quality over qty & I'm always driven by those moments of passion for a new product, collaboration or idea. From the point I go all in & can turn a moment of inspiration into a reality quickly.

Her everyday rituals. 

My morning coffee is a must! I also love having my mornings to get some fresh air & vitamin D outside followed by a productive few hours to work  through my most important tasks on my to-do list.



On the women she surrounds herself with.

I'm so lucky to be surrounded by so many inspiring & supportive women. From my mum to my amazing friends like Sara Crampton, Eleanor Pendleton, Lucy Slight, Meegan Ackerman, Talisa Sutton & many many others who are spread all over the world. I wouldn't be where I am today without each & every one of them. I'm inspired by all of them.


Words of wisdom.

Less is more.

See the positives in everything.


Her ideal Sunday.

A morning walk followed by a coffee & croissant. Spending time with family & friends + a cheeky cheese platter & glass on wine in the late afternoon before dinner. Lastly, I love a  relaxing Sunday bath & face mask.


And lastly, what makes a woman beautiful.

Her individuality.


We hope you loved our In Conversation with Beck Wadworth as much as we absolutely adored interviewing her. We highly recommend heading over to Becks' An Organised Life blog for some tips on getting organised as well as interviews with industry favourites.  

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