cancer woman: Alison Rice

Alison Rice is an award-winning leader, conscious coach and founder of Offline — a self-development platform that includes her acclaimed podcast, a series of considered online courses designed to help people align to their purpose and create consciously, and a national events program including live episodes of the podcast, women’s circles, workshops and retreats.

Alison’s first online course is available now. It’s called Make Contact With Your True Self, Align to Your Purpose and Redefine Your Success.


'Our True Self is our spirit. It is who we are at our essence... It is who we are without the labels, what we've achieved or what we own. Our True Self is witness to it all.'

- Alison, Offline



On being a Cancer Woman.

Understanding my zodiac and living in alignment with the insights held in my Natal Chart is one of the main throughways to me living an authentic life and one that is focused on evolution and growth.

I think my rising sign has influenced my professional path significantly. It’s often described as the way we present to the world and given mine is Aquarius, that’s telling! Aquarians are all about futurism and exploring the unknown. It’s like this kind of stoic individualism. That’s true for my career in that I’ve always been drawn to emerging mediums — first digital media, then podcasting and now online learning.

But then my Sun and Moon are both in Cancer, which is my true nature and how I experience myself internally. I’m a homebody who needs a hard exterior to protect myself because I’m really sensitive. Cancerians are also quite empathetic and that trait was key to my success as a leader — I responded to the energy in the room. I would also say that trait is what helps me deepen the honest conversations I have on Offline. I feel each guests emotions as if they were my own.


Her favourite sources of inspiration.

I am most inspired by people’s stories. That’s why I became a journalist over a decade ago. I’m interested in the human experience and how it intersects with spirituality and consciousness. I read a lot of books containing ancient wisdom, philosophies and ideas.


On her everyday rituals.

I’m a Vedic Meditator so shutting my eyes for 20 minutes each day is a non-negotiable. I also have what I call True Self practices that I do each day to establish myself in Being. I share mine with students in my first online course, and then invite them to feel into their own.


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The 5 people she would invite to a fantasy dinner party.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, Gary Zukav and Michael A. Singer.


Words of wisdom.

Everything you’re experiencing is relevant to your evolution. No experience is wrong.


Something she treasures.

The way my husband and I express our love for each other.


And lastly, what makes a woman beautiful.

Having a deep connection to her essence which comes from experiencing herself internally more than externally.



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