in conversation: Cisco & The Sun

After founding The Slow in 2016 - a highly coveted design driven island stay in Canggu, Bali, Cisco Tschurtschenthaler found herself unable to source beautiful ceramics for their adjoining restaurant. With an eye for detail and considered aesthetic she set out to create her own line of homewares now known as Cisco & The Sun Home.

Working with ceramicists who craft entirely by hand using ancient techniques Cisco & Sun pieces blend clean lines and earthy textures. Mixing both Asian and Western sensibilities, the pieces are crafted by the sixth sense, or what the Japanese refer to as “wabi sabi” - the perfectly imperfect.


On what Cisco and The Sun represents. 

A modern, multipurpose and organic range of tableware essentials that enhance any dining experience.


Some of her favourite sources of inspiration.

My father has always been my greatest source of inspiration. He is an architect with a love for mountaineering. His designs are always a combination of clean, modern lines with the organic warmth of nature. When we go hiking may it be in the Bavarian alps or through the Himalayas, he knows every flower's name, the use of each herb and the cycles of nature. Growing up with this awareness and respect for nature, working with ceramics was a natural progression. All these elements meet in the process of ceramic making. In my ceramic making I blend the organic textures with fine lines and create a versatility of use.

My makers make their own clays composed of different types of sands from the different regions, containing different minerals and oxides. It fascinates me that these different components influence the outcome of the colour, texture and weight of each individual pieces. It is so mysterious, and I am constantly inspired.


The women who inspired her. 

I have always been surrounded by many inspiring women in my life starting with my mother and 3 older sisters. Of course, I could say Patti Smith and that would be true but really woman who touched my heart are the women in my family especially my mother in law Kim who is a true inspiration to me. She is an ayurvedic chef, a meditator and lives her life so authentic and holistic and she never seems to lose her positive outlook on life. I am 4 months away from having my second child, another son, so I have become to really admire all kinds of mothers. Being a   mother is such a round & full experience, in all kinds of aspects. I love to hear other mothers' stories, the way they parent, and that inspires me in raising my own children.



Her work soundtrack.

Currently Travelling by the Jeremy Spencer Band.


Her favourite holiday destination.

That would be outside my front door, it's called Brawa beach in Bali. We live so close to the beach and being able to take Lil Cisco down the water for a walk and  swim, surf and a play with the local cows, is such a luxury. I am so grateful for our  life here. No place I'd rather be. And yes sure I like holidays and especially all kinds of  different  foods,  next  up on  the list for us is Sri Lanka. Great waves and good curries.


And her ideal Sunday.

Sundays belong to  Lil  Cisco. We start the day with cuddles in bed, after a quick morning snack we make our way to the beach to enjoy some morning rays and play while George catches a couple of waves. We go back home for a big breakfast - coconuts, coffee and croissants. We usually hang at home, swim and play in the garden or paint or we go on a little adventure.


And lastly, her favourite Cisco and The Sun piece.

This is a hard question to answer but I would pick the Pasca Teapot as I am a tea drinker and no household can have enough teapots. I love the 750ml size as it gives about 3 cups and I usually share it with friends or family with some good music and a nice herbal blend.



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