in conversation: Vianca Soleil


Meet Vianca Soleil, who's harmonious, raw and natural aesthetic has captured our hearts.

With a true eye for beauty, Vianca documents remote island life in the most dreamy imagery. Her neutral palette is refined yet relaxed, one can't help but feel at ease pouring over her stunning photography and wishing for the day that they too can escape to those white sandy beaches adorned with shells and palm leaves.

An interior designer seeking a simpler way of life Vianca traded the city for a near-untouched island in the Phillipines. She is currently seeing out her dream and pouring all of her creative energy into building an eco resort on the island - Unna. We recently spoke to Vianca about this process, slow living and her inspirations.


 Location: Romblon, Philippines

Job Title: Interior Designer and Founder of Unna

Zodiac sign: Scorpio


On island life.

Before Unna, I lived in the city and have always longed to start a slower life by the sea. This idea seemed too wild and overwhelming until I discovered Romblon. I fell in love with its charm and felt ready to commit to that island life. After months of planning, permit headaches and just a lot of luck, I found a beautiful land in the small island of Puro. I moved here about a year ago and have since been creating a home.


Days here are quiet and mostly spent in nature. One can easily a spend a day being idle but I make sure work is still done. We’re currently in the building phase of Unna so most of my time goes into overseeing the work and designing.


Her non-negotiable everyday rituals.

Living on a secluded island with no establishments has taught me to be flexible. When it comes to rituals, I take it lightly. A form of exercise, whether a run, swim or paddling. My beauty rituals are pretty basic. I like to keep it natural and stick to my favourite organic products. An afternoon tea, an evening walk and checking up on loved ones. I also try to start and end the day by the shore, appreciating the sunrise and sunset. It’s the time I’m able to reflect and assess my thoughts.


On where she finds inspiration.

This island is my big inspiration, from its natural beauty to its simple way of life. I also draw a lot of my design approach from observing moments, the humour and honesty in things.


On the women she surrounds herself with.

I feel blessed to have my mom, three older sisters and two sisters-in-law. They’re wonderful and inspiring in their own ways. I’m closest to my sister Chantal. Much of how I am now, I have her support to thank for. My mom and the rest of my sisters work in the medical field. They’ve been braving it out like any normal day since the start of the pandemic. I’m so proud of them.


Something she treasures most.

I collect all sorts of things but have no real attachment to them. It’s the unforgettable moments I treasure the most. That special memory and feeling I can always come back to.



Her ideal Sunday.

At home with ideal weather and the feeling that you’re accomplished for the week and there’s nothing else to do.


And lastly, what makes a woman beautiful.

Having a beautiful mind. It translates into everything else - how she lives her life, how she makes others feel, her energy, her style.


 Follow Vianca's creative work and the construction of Unna eco-resort here.