taurus woman: Tess Robinson

We love to celebrate women in business and Tess Robinson, founder of Smack Bang Designs - a full-service creative agency and collective of designers, is top on our list of Taureans we love.

Much like the beautiful, powerhouse brand she has created, Tess radiates a raw, unedited passion for pursuing your dreams and fighting for what you believe in. She is transparent in sharing her wins, and her losses, and the work she delivers is a testament to all the reasons we have all fallen head over heels for her.

Tess and her team have worked on projects with PeonyP.E Nation and The Elle Effect, amidst a sea of many other incredible brands. We sat down and spoke with Tess about the women she surrounds herself with, as well as her inspirations and what it means to be a proud Taurus Woman.

" We are bound together, as business owners, as humans, as part of this wonderful, crazy and somewhat collapsing world, we are one."

- Tess, Smack Bang Blog


On being a Taurus Woman.

It’s safe to say that I’m a typical Taurus through-and-through. Head-strong, independent, and very self-reliant. Practical, grounded and not here for the fluffy stuff. I’m notoriously impatient and sickeningly loyal. And as my partner would describe me, a strong force with a soft heart that doesn’t let anyone, or anything get in her way.


The women she surrounds herself with.

As a typical Taurean, I hold my close friends close. The women I’m drawn too are first and foremost unapologetically themselves. Second to that, they must have humour, wit, a strong sense of self and an even stronger thirst for wine.


A philosophy she lives by.

Life is always happening for you, not to you.

Her favourite sources of inspiration.

Being in nature is always the most inspiring for me. The beach is my sanity and ultimate source of creativity. I also find inspiration in challenge, as both a designer and business owner, I love solving problems and find my creativity is at an all-time high when I’m faced with the toughest of stuff.


Her work soundtrack.

Today it's a mix of Carol King, Cat Power, Frazey Ford and Mazzy Star, but my taste is wildly eclectic so tomorrow it could be 80’s disco tunes, who knows!


Her ideal Sunday.

Pancakes at the beach with my family followed by a picnic in our garden and closing out the day with a wine in hand.


And lastly, what makes a woman beautiful.

A grounded strength, a warm smile and an honest disposition.

We hope you enjoyed our In Conversation with Tess Robinson, we absolutely adore her and amidst the uncertainty of this year we hope you found some inspiration here. We highly recommend heading over to Tess' Smack Bang Designs blog for some great reading and signing up for her newsletter. 

Discover Smack Bang here, or follow Tess and her team at @smackbangdesigns