pisces woman: Sara Crampton

This month we embrace the intuitive and dreamy Pisces.

An empathetic nature and a heart overflowing with compassion leads Pisces to move through life with an air of calm, throwing light and love on the world that surrounds her. Pair this with an artistic mind forever drawn to inspiration, these dreamers will always spin their creativity into pure magic.

Join us as we meet this month's Pisces woman.

Meet Sara Crampton, Owner and Buyer at The UNDONE, the face of Harper and Harley and our most recent zodiac woman.

You will likely recognise Sara as one of the original style bloggers in Australia, known for her signature aesthetic of elevated minimalism. Her 'less is more' approach to style and ability to capture effortless beauty has seen her build a dedicated online community and distinctive aesthetic. Sara has since brought her style philosophy to The UNDONE, an online destination for the effortless minimalist. As you would expect, the collection is beautifully curated to reflect a classic and pared back wardrobe, championing a considered approach to style.

We recently had Sara share with us what it means to her to be a Pisces woman, how she has translated her creative spirit into her beautiful brand and her ideal Sunday rituals. We hope you enjoy this read. 



The UNDONE is effortlessly beautiful, minimal and neutral, a space dedicated to carefully curated, versatile and considered pieces. We know for ourselves in business, it is so important to have a unique voice - what do you think sets The UNDONE apart? 

There is an abundance of places to shop from and ‘things’ to buy, stores to endlessly scroll through for what seems like eternity. What I’m proud of is that The UNDONE has a unique voice and speciality. We’re really passionate about creating calm and an ease to getting dressed. For me, I found this through the eliminating colour, busy prints and trend pieces. My wardrobe is now curated and thoughtful, of black, white and neutral pieces that can all be styled back with each other so my outfit options are almost endless and it eliminates that awful situation of having a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. Experiencing first hand how great a difference this approach to style has helped me, I wanted to share that with others.


What, or who does The UNDONE represent and what are some of the defining moments that have contributed to its success?

I feel as though this approach to style represents and speaks to every woman. At the end of the day we all want to feel our best in our clothes, and even if you do love and feel your best in colour, ensuring you have the basics and the wardrobe building blocks covered is going to help you get dressed each day with ease. From your late teens and early twenties unearthing who you are and what your personal style is, to getting into the rhythm of a busy career or the juggle and endless role of motherhood, having clothes that make you feel good and feel like ‘you’ are going to make a difference to your day.

Experiencing over a decade of the blogging and influencer sector with my personal brand Harper and Harley has without question impacted the success of the store. Building trust through a genuine and long term voice and an authentic passion for a minimal approach to style has always been my focus, and those that have followed my journey know that I'm not just jumping on the bandwagon. I’ll be talking about this approach for years to come, whether it’s on trend or not.

Being able to launch a brand with a ready made customer base is something I’m really proud of, and furthermore, I want to make them proud of what I’ve turned a blog into, something that has even more substance and that’s bigger than a single voice or point of view. There are women and men all around the world that resonate with this ‘less is more’ aesthetic and I really want for them to feel like they can connect with what we’re creating and curating.


Where do you see the future of fashion and what have been some ways you and your team have worked to adapt to the ever-changing world we live in? 

Continuing to educate myself on the impacts of the fashion industry; environmental, ethical, social, is crucial if you’re working in this field and this continues to impact how I run my business and the choices I make.

I think we all need to slow down. It almost felt like it was going to happen, we had brands around the world say that they would change, produce less, create more thoughtfully and only discount at the end of the season, but I’m still yet to really see a difference. Everyone wants to make up for their losses so they’ve jumped right back to what they were doing before.  It’s ultimately up to the end customer to create the change, by buying less and buying better and this change in demand will trickle up to those making the decisions.


As a Pisces Woman, typically receptive and empathetic, soft but strong, do you resonate with your sign? What are some of your strengths, or parts of being a Pisces that you love?

I feel I’m a true Pisces woman to my core. I’m a Pisces Sun and Moon and Cancer Rising… so a triple water sign with lots of creativity, very in tune with my emotions and a love for the home. I also feel as though I’ve got heightened levels of empathy and intuition.


Sunday is a day to pause, reset and to spend time doing the things we treasure most. What is your ideal Sunday? What are some of your favourite AM or PM rituals to do on a Sunday? 

It’s so important to me to take a pause and stop working on the weekend and Sundays are a great day to completely switch off. We love our front yard, which undertook a much needed 2020 covid revamp. We turned a space we hardly used into a place we love to spend time in. We’ll go for a walk in the morning and get coffees and the papers and sit out on a rug under the frangipani tree, pick up the dropped flowers and leaves and collect them in a bucket with our 1 year old. These are the things I loved to do as a kid and I want my kids to spend lots of time in the yard growing up.



T H E   W R A P

On the women you surround yourself with.

My closest girlfriends are strong yet sensitive, grounded yet ambitious. I’m incredibly grateful for the women in my life that life me up and catch me when I fall.

Something you treasure most.

Privacy. Seemingly ironic at first for someone on social media, but I narrate and curate what I put out on those channels and don’t overshare, especially my family.

Some of your biggest influences.

Family - humility and work ethic.

And where do you find inspiration for your home?   

My phone is bursting with saved inspo. Currently infatuated with Athena Calderone from Eyeswoon, as well as Natalie Walton - both have excellent podcasts and newsletters.

Your work soundtrack.  


A favourite memory.

Meeting my son for the first time.

And lastly, what do you think truly makes a woman beautiful?  

Her kindness 



We hope you loved our In Conversation with Sara as much as we absolutely adored interviewing her.

To shop The UNDONE collection, find their website here and follow @theundonestore.

For Sara herself, follow @harperandharley.