taurus woman: Fabienne Costa

This month we embrace the considered and romantic energy of Taurus.

A sign guided equally by head and heart, Taureans are grounded with a steadfast approach to life balanced by an abundance of love and loyalty. The anchor of the zodiacs, she will often find herself in the role of a strong freewheeling woman, leading with such elegance as if they were born to reach such magnificent heights.

Join us as we meet this month's Taurus woman.

Meet Fabienne Costa - Designer, CEO & Creative Director of YCL jewels and our most recent zodiac woman.

A self taught jeweller, Fabienne dreamt of what YCL may one day be back in 2013 when she first began crafting her designs. From that day she has dedicated herself to building a brand that is both beautiful and intentional. Her effortless, uplifting energy sees her lead YCL to new heights year after year, gaining recognition for not only her business acumen (with a signature intuitively led approach) but above all for the sheer beauty in her everlasting jewellery designs. YCL is inspired by the art in every day, and passionately cruelty free - a belief very dear to Fabienne's heart.

We recently had the absolute pleasure of visiting Fabienne in her stunning Gold Coast home, where she shared with us how she identifies with her zodiac, her considered approach to life and work, as well as her most treasured Sunday rituals. We hope you enjoy this read. 

YCL is described as 'more than jewellery'. We know for ourselves, we pour so much love into everything we do. Our work is truly a piece of our soul and that is what our customer connects with - what do you think resonates with your audience so much?

In such a fast-paced society it's so refreshing to find a brand that you truly align with. The loyal community we have surrounding YCL is truly something so sacred, & is a pillar of YCL that we nurture deeply with every single collection & piece of content we release. Our vision is to share this journey with our community, so they too can find the art in everyday life.

As a woman, we expect so much from ourselves. As business owners, creators, mothers - we'd love to know more about the women you surround yourself with:

I am very specific about who I spend my time with, I have no toxic relationships in my life as I value myself & my time. I am very comfortable saying no, & love having a lot of white space in my week. The people I choose to spend my time with is how my energy manifests, so this is vital in the space of manifestation & living with purpose. I have a very close friend, Ourania, who owns Ourano Yoga Life in Brisbane. She also happens to be a Taurus, & she is my angel reincarnated into the physical world, my soul mate.

As a Taurus Woman, an anchor, grounded in intuition, tempered with passion, do you resonate with your sign? What are some of the strengths, or parts of being a Taurus that you love?

I resonate with my star sign a little too much. Taureans are very nostalgic, connected to the ancient wisdom found in nature & at times, can be immovable like a mountain. I feel that being a Taurean woman allows me to keep my feet planted firmly onto the ground, whilst dreaming & creating.

Sunday is a day to pause, reset and to spend time doing the things we treasure most. What does your ideal Sunday look like? 

I am a morning person, I am wide awake & excited for the day at 6 am. My ideal Sunday is mornings spent overlooking the Gold Coast hinterland from my balcony with an iced cold brew in one hand & a book in the other. My whippet Opal on my lap, & my man by my side. I also love going to the organic farmers markets & choosing all the wholesome produce for the week. 


T H E   W R A P

Something you are dreaming up for this year...

A very full of life collection for the end of the year with YCL Jewels, a new solid jewellery sister brand of YCL called Art Of. And to be continually living with love in my heart daily.

Your 3 favourite Australian locations:

Currumbin Valley, Brunswick Heads, Melbourne

And where do you find inspiration for your home?

From the works & creation of Axel Vervoordt & Anthena Calderone

Your work soundtrack:

Currently listening to a podcast about the Salem Witch Trials

A favourite memory:

Childhood holidays with just my Mum & my sister, we are the Three Musketeers!

And lastly, what do you think truly makes a woman beautiful?

When she has a deep relationship with herself, she glows from the inside out!


We hope you loved our In Conversation with Fabienne as much as we absolutely adored interviewing her.

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