Mother's Day Bath Soak

We adore that Mother’s Day is held sacred for celebrating the wonderful women that guide us in life’s journey and envelop us in love. Whilst gifting is just a small part of the day, there is nothing sweeter than giving back to our leading ladies with a thoughtful gesture.

In honour of Mother’s Day this year we’re bringing you inspiration for a small handmade gift, that moves beyond simple exchange and invites to indulge in a beautiful moment of ritual. A modern take on this simple creation, this bath soak recipe is a sensory delight that will elevate her next moment of me-time. Personalise your soak to her taste by including her favourite fragrant notes to relax and unwind with.



Y O U   W I L L   N E E D . . .

1 cup of Epsom Salts
½ cup of Rock Mineral Salts
Essential Oils
Dried Petals (optional)

And of course a carrier vessel - we used vellum envelopes, you can also repurpose vintage jars.




 M E T H O D

Simply combine all dry ingredients together in a bowl, then incorporate your essential oils. Stir together as you add the oils, using your own sense of smell to judge the quantity whilst keeping in mind that the water will dilute the fragrance slightly.
Finally decant into your vessel, complete with understated details like jute string or a handwritten label.


 Invite her to relax, and enjoy. 



We hope this sparks an idea for your Mother's Day gifting, for further inspiration explore our Mothers Day Edit here.