handmade clay coasters

We are overjoyed to return to the Sunday Made journal this year with another handmade project for you to create and enjoy in the home. In honour of the beautiful ceramics and dinnerware that we have recently invited to the collection, today we are personalising our dining experience with Handmade Clay Coasters. Whether you enjoy these amongst a table setting put together for friends, or to protect precious surfaces as you savour your morning coffee or afternoon sip.
Our designs were inspired by blending geometric and organic line work to accentuate the handmade feel of the clay squares. The artwork design is completely up to you, look to your favourite artists for styles and inspiration then let your paintbrush explore and create something personal to you.
To compliment this project we're also sharing a fresh summer soda recipe, updated with blueberry and rosemary. 



You will need:
Air Drying Clay
Baking Paper
Rolling Pin
Pottery Knife or Butter Knife
Acrylic paint
Modgepodge Matt - or another matt sealer


Step 1
Roll a 5cm ball of the clay in your hands, then using the rolling pin roll out onto a square of baking paper. Use the knife to cut off the rounded edges and form a square shape. 

Step 2
Shape the coaster by using the rolling pin to create a level surface. Then with a bit of water smooth the edges and any bumps with your fingers and the knife. It is still nice to maintain a slightly organic shape with these coasters so you don’t have to be too perfect. Once you are happy with the shape leave to dry on the baking paper, following the drying instructions from your clay.


Step 3
Once your coasters are fully dry using acrylic paint, apply your artwork. Once the paint is fully dry, use a sponge tip brush and apply your matt sealer over the top in thin, even strokes. Leave this to dry once more and your coasters are ready to use.


B L U E B E R R Y  I N F U S E D  V O D K A   S O D A
Quality vodka
Sparkling water


Quarter fill your glasses with ice and pour the vodka over the top. Add a squeeze of lemon to each glass as well as a few blueberries, gently pressing them so that they burst to release the flavour. Fill the glass with sparkling water and add a sprig of fresh rosemary as a final, aromatic touch.