3 ways to gift wrap

Exploring the art of gifting.

Careful consideration goes into selecting the perfect present for a loved one, today we delve into the finishing touch - the wrapping. Creating a gift that is as thoughtful on the outside as it is on the inside using minimal materials to achieve something beautiful.

Small pieces of art that will wait patiently under your tree to be opened with a smile.


There is a certain craft to gift wrapping, for the most part this is around material selection. With these three techniques we focus on simple and slightly unconventional pieces that you may already have at home, or will be easy to acquire from a craft store.


1. F A B R I C   W R A P P I N G

Also known as Furoshiki (Japanese Gift Wrapping).
Easy, elegant and soft. Choose a beautiful fabric or tea towel that adds to the gift.
Place the gift in the centre (boxed if you can).
Fold the top and bottom corners in.
Pinch the remaining outside corners in and knot on top.


 This is a beautiful way of wrapping gifts for Interiors lovers.

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Simple, raw materials. Effortlessly understated and organic.
Wrap the present using plain white or kraft paper.
Cut cotton muslin into strips, letting the edges fray slightly.
Tie at the front adding a sprig of fresh or dried foliage.


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These soft details in this wrapping style compliments structured or rectangular shapes so beautifully.



A playful touch even for the ultimate minimalist.
These cute tassels are surprisingly easy, and forever adorable.
Wrap jute, twine or wool around 3-4 fingers until your desired thickness.
Cut a shorter strand and wrap close to one end a few times. Tie to secure.
Cut the loops at the opposite end and trim so that they're even.




Sending you all so much love in the lead up to this holiday season.

We hope this inspires you to find space, and relish in these moments of creativity that this time of year brings.