Custom Candles

As our attention turns to dreaming up thoughtful gifts for loved ones we have been contemplating small additions that can be made for the individual. Whilst it is lovely to receive something you have been wishing for, there's nothing quite like receiving something small and lovingly hand made.

We're very much admirers of interesting glassware and vessels, and happened upon these cut glass beauties that inspired us to delve into the world of candle making. A surprisingly easy pursuit, the most effort is really in sourcing a few of the materials however some you may already have at home.
For this project we made use of our luxurious Essential Oil blends by Totum Naturopapthy - the Sweet Orange, Lavender and Cedarwood is perfect with a calming yet uplifting aroma. This is the perfect invitation to get creative with scent, exploring notes and pairings that speak to your recipients' personas.



100% Soy Wax flakes
Essential oil or fragrance (shop Totum blends here)
Pyrex Jug
Natural cotton fibre wicks
Pegs or pencils to guide wicks into place
Glass vessels


Step 1
Clean your sourced vessels, we found these vintage crystal pieces although modern shapes such as these new additions work wonderfully too for a more modern take. Look for interesting forms and most importantly quite thick glass.
 Step 2
The correct amount of wax required correlates to twice the vessel size, add the two full scoops of wax to your Pyrex jug. Using a double boiler method (with water in the base of your saucepan) place the pyrex jug in the saucepan over medium heat. Carefully monitor the temperature using the thermometer.

 Step 3

When the temperature of the wax reaches 80 degrees Celsius, remove the pot from the heat and add your fragrance. We used about 40 drops per vessel. We recommend creating your first candle to test the scent so that you can adjust the fragrance quantity accordingly as different oils will range in strength.
Allow the wax to cool to 50 degrees Celsius, whilst this is happening prepare your wicks in the vessels. Ensure that they are centred and use a peg or pencil to gently hold them in place.
Step 4
Carefully pour your wax into the vessels, as slowly and smoothly as possible. The key to an even, smooth result - sans bubbles - is to leave the vessel completely still for minimum 12 hours to ensure that it is fully set. 

After this time, trim your wicks and these beauties are ready for gifting.

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