How to style an effortless table setting

Home entertaining to us is a true art form.

The act of bringing loved ones together around a thoughtfully put together spread is truly one of life's simple pleasures. Continuing from our last edition of Sunday Made, crafting these beautiful Embroidered Napkins in collaboration with I Love Linen, today we share our tips for effortless table styling.

Our setting was a sunny picnic, however these tips translate to an indoor table as well. To us, it is about creating a relaxed atmosphere, inviting yet polished. Read on for our styling advice to make your next hosted event a memorable one.



S T Y L E   N O T E S :


Create a soft base with layered linens in complimentary tones.

All white is certainly a classic, layered neutrals also create an effortless yet elegant base.


Look to loose details rather than harsh lines. 

Let linens drape softly, and arrange the items on your table loosely. Create a focal point with an off-centre vase and vary the heights of your serving ceramics. This less formal way of styling will create a sense of relaxed elegance.


Create a palette

When putting together your food and beverage selection, have a loose idea of your colour palette then create variation through texture.

Accent this with fresh produce in unique shapes to give life to the table and create visual interest.



When selecting greenery or florals, consider unique natural forms over formal arrangements. This branch is actually one that we foraged, and loved for it's organic structure as well as how it picked up our subtle golden tones.




Thank you to I Love Linen for partnering with us to share this series with you.

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