Behind the Scenes of Solare

Taking you behind the scenes of Sunday Lane, exploring our processes with a spotlight on recently launched Solare collection - a new addition very dear to our hearts, seeing our very first foray into hand painted works.

We are delighted to take you through the making of this collection, with a special insight into our framing process. An integral compliment to our art prints, our frames are proudly handmade on the Sunshine Coast with a local specialist using natural, sustainable timber.

Capturing the beauty of the slow, honouring the magical process of handmade. 


F R A M I N G   P R O C E S S 


A raw, considered addition to our collection, we searched long and hard to develop the perfect home for our prints. We are proud to partner with a local maker - Andrew, a one man operation who has been framing for over a decade. Celebrating true craftsmanship, each frame is made in his studio, with these very hands.

To honour our precious Solare painted collection, we worked with Andrew to develop a 30mm float frame option, which allows the raw, decked edge of the textured cotton paper to softly shine in its perfectly imperfect beauty. 






B E H I N D  S O L A R E



The dream for Solare arose from a desire to create special moments within your home - an expansion of our zodiac and narrative art prints. These unique, original pieces are designed to effortlessly shine and add warmth to your space, with their raw textural effect and peaceful symbolism.

Solare explores simple block forms that reference nature and nurture, growth, light and love. Highlighted in a neutral, earthy palette that marries with our Zodiac 04 series prints meaning they can hang alongside one another, or simply feature Solare on its own as a standalone statement.

These two collections were dreamt up simultaneously, when Solare began to take on a world of its own with evolving sketches, and rounds of exploring texture and material. The end result we sought was a considered, timeless fine art piece, created in limited numbers.


Explore our Solare Collection here and shop our Sunday Lane frames here.