Painterly Table Setting

In succession to our Natural Dye Tablecloth previously featured on the Sunday Made journal, we are pleased to present Part Two exploring a creative way to personalise a table setting.

There is something quite ritualistic in setting a table to entertain, a certain beauty to the careful preparation and styling in readiness for your guests. Whether it be a formal or relaxed occasion there is nothing sweeter than a personalised touch to the setting. To build on the foundation of our naturally dyed soft beige tablecloth we explored layering the table with organic dinnerware and adding a painterly touch to denote each setting.

We hope this gives you endless inspiration for upcoming events at home.


We're exploring this tutorial in less of a how-to structure, more so a journal of our process. Styling is all about expressing creativity and moving fluidly in response to your materials, feel free to get creative and experiment with your paint strokes and placements.

Gather together your table linens, ceramics, glassware and any bowls and platters you wish to use. Our preference is always towards a relaxed setting, allowing an effortless feel as food is grazed and shared together. 



 Begin - place the base elements of each individual setting to guide your artwork.
Start to sketch out your design lightly over the tablecloth.


In sweeping strokes paint your design onto the table.


Once the paint has dried place the additional dinnerware amongst the artwork - adding glassware and serving elements, finishing with any adornments such as candles or florals.


Styling is an intuitive process, continually assess your setting from different angles and if need be add to your paintwork to fill any gaps.



 Finally - enjoy with loved ones.




Revisit Part 1 of this post, to create this Natural Dye Tablecloth.

This setting is styled with pieces from the Sunday Lane collection, explore our range of home goods here.