stars aligned: our guide to zodiacs

Uncovering the cues in the ancient language of the zodiac to discover more about your inner workings.  

Ever felt like you don’t completely connect with your zodiac? Whilst we are all guided by a leading sign, our astrological persona is beautifully unique - you bloom in a moment in time, your distinct traits never to be repeated before or ever again. 

Your natal chart, as mentioned by Alison Rice in our latest In Conversation is a gateway to discovering your drives, desires, habits and thoughts. When you dive deeper into this you’ll gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses synonymous with your zodiac, as well as the cues that hint towards your greatest potential. Think of it like unlocking the secret ingredients of your truest persona, the elements that guide how you think and act that feel so inherently you that they come across without conscious thought.

So how does this work?... Your Natal Chart  (also known as your Birth Chart) is a snapshot of the moment you were born, highlighting the assembly of the sky and planets. The old adage, ‘the stars aligned’ rings true to how we all entered this world - our natal chart simply gathers the alignment of the sky based on the date, exact time and location of your birth to spell out your story of self. 

Modern tech has made it oh-so easy to work this out, enter these details into something like Costar and your natal chart will be in your inbox quicker than you can say ‘astrology’.

The Sun, the Moon and all of the planets

When it comes to your horoscope, we often speak in terms of our sun sign which is the most dominant driver of your ego or identity. It is the more outwardly projection of your personality guiding your everyday actions- big and small. In some sense it is who you’re learning to become throughout this wonderful school of life.

Whilst your sun sign points at the qualities that make up your external identity, your moon sign is your true north - the inner guide… your instinct, your soul, and your subconscious. The moon rules your emotions, moods and feelings, those that come most naturally to you from the heart without interference from the head. As your sun sign is related to who you are learning to become, this aspect reflects who you naturally are.

Your Ascendant - or ‘Rising’ sign is a transient entity, and can change just as often as the sun rises and sets. This guides how you present to others, associated with your sense of style and the impression you leave on people. It influences the experiences you seek out on to make your life ‘meaningful’ - whether you’re one to thrive on social rapport, a mental challenge or are grounded by material surroundings. The presence of this aspect is said to diminish with age, a time where you are most likely to exude your true self rather than being concerned with how you are reflected to others.

Other aspects of your natal chart get more in depth with further elements of your persona - the location of Mercury drives communication and how you process information, Venus is your love language, Mars guides how you assert yourself to others and Jupiter is behind the dreamer in you - how you expand and aspire. The list goes on if you wish to delve deeper, for this we recommend the Costar app.

Exposing the Elements

The 12 zodiac signs can be aligned into four guiding elements that share common traits.

The 12 symbols

A quick guide to the 12 signs and their symbols, their endearing traits and common characteristics.

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