how to hang a frame wall


Whilst we adore our prints hanging as standalone pieces we also love to see them amongst a well curated frame wall. The art of the frame wall can be a hard one to master, although when it is it can be a beautiful representation of your personality, style and inspirations.
Read on to find out how to create an intentional and polished display for your home.

You will need: 
Large sheets of paper
Measuring tape
Masking tape or blu-tack
Hammer and nails or temporary hooks
A collection of frames & prints


Step 1: 
Select your prints. You can be as eclectic as you like here, although for a unified display try to create a theme. When it comes to artwork it often works well to have a balance of intricate, minimal and larger/bolder prints - this dynamic adds depth to your compilation. 
We used a combination of our Sunday Lane scripts, line work art by Hotel Magique and magazine clippings from our favourite titles (find some in our Library here).
Step 2: 
Source your frames. Just like your artwork selection, this is open to your style. You might like to go ultra minimal and use all the same colour and style of frame. The key here is to ensure that your frames highlight and compliment your artwork. 
We opted for a mixture of vintage and minimal frames to add interest seeing as our prints and space were quite monotone. We also used a combination of light timber and white with an accent of gold to pick up the colours in the room. 

Step 3:
Select which frame you would like to put each print in, and start to work on the arrangement on the floor until you find a layout that you like. It is often best to start with your largest prints and work your way down to the smallest. For an arrangement that doesn’t look too haphazard, when you place each frame align one side with the edge of another frame. Another way to keep the arrangement looking intentional is to maintain the same spacing between each frame.
Step 4:
Take some large sheets of paper and cut out the shape of each frame. Before you go hammering hooks haphazardly into your wall we’ll use these as templates to get your placement perfect. Mimic the arrangement you created on the floor onto your wall using these templates and masking tape or blu-tack. A general rule for hanging any prints is to ensure the centre is hanging just slightly above eye level (or approximately 1.8m from the floor). Make any adjustments to the template placements until you are happy with the arrangement.

Step 5:
One by one, add the prints to the wall. If you are using a hammer and nails you can hammer straight through the paper to keep the placement and simply tear the paper off. If you are using renting and using temporary hooks, you’ll need to remove each piece of paper as you go. Work consistently from one side to the other, or top to bottom so that you can check the distances between each frame as you go, and don’t end up in a jam in the middle.
Inspired to create your own arrangement? Shop our collection of prints here from our treasured zodiacs, to our inspiring narratives and divine handmade Vera statements.