behind the scenes

A constellation of two stars, our recent print series were born out of raw, unedited creation and collaboration. A step out of our comfort zone allowed us to work within an art form completely unknown to us and here she is, a small look into the steps behind our beautiful new works.

Each collection begins the same way, pages of notes and rough sketches on sheets and sheets of paper. The exploration into our most recent works saw us look beyond the zodiac, delivering female empowerment in two new ranges. Our Zodiac 03 and Vera Chapter 01, an additional collection of hand crafted limited editions. 

These ladies began as an idea inspired by women past. Powerful, heavenly bodies. Each print an interpretation of their name – Lua, Ceres, Thaias, Gaia and the meanings behind them. As we unfolded the meanings their forms appeared before us.

We reached out to a local press studio, a small team of artists and craftsmen and women who specialise in hand carving and hand printing. This series embodies a more emotional, personal connection and we felt the handmade process was a perfect expression of this. Our drawings were given to the studio to be carved and pressed. The hand printing taught us to appreciate slow, to embrace the beauty of imperfection and handmade detail. To apply our new women to the Zodiac series, forms were carved into wood and once printed, digitally applied to our layouts. When it came to Vera, each print has been carved from lino and hand pressed onto Japanese Kitakata paper. Each impression is an original signed piece, beautiful in it’s raw, unique nature.


An ode to the celestial woman, a commanding page in the story of the Universe, every detail, each curve noted on the cosmic clock. Explore our Vera series and new Zodiac 03

Left, Gaia in Ash   Right, Lua in Ash

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