introducing vera

After months of planning, we just released our two new collections, Vera and Zodiac No.03. We wanted to share a little behind the scenes of our day. Shot at the beautiful Newstead Studios, our set was drenched in natural light. Raw timber floorboards and white walls helped set the tone for our day. See our in conversation with Cass from Newstead Studios here.

An ode to the celestial woman, each original print from our Vera collection has been lovingly illustrated by us, in our Brisbane studio, then carved from lino in collaboration with Grey Hand Press. Printed to Japanese Kitakata paper, using ink and pressure, each impression is an original signed piece.

Left to Right: Lua A3 $149 Aquarius Woman A4 $39, Thais A4 $89

Left to Right: Gaia A4 $89, Lua A4 $89

A guide to self-discovery, our newest collection of Zodiac Women moves beyond the meaning of astrology, rather shining light on inner uncertainties and inspiring sweet affirmation.
Left to Right: Thais A3 $149 Leo Woman A4 $39, Aries Woman A4 $39

Vera is a gentle reminder to look to the stars, or her, for resolution.

Born out of a place of profound love, these verses of powerful musings, a romantic blend of poetry and heart, offer sweet meaning to this beautiful, chaotic life, no matter what the season. Each woman a digital form of our original illustrations, carved from lino and hand pressed in collaboration with Grey Hand Press. Inspired by you, the celestial woman, strong as hell and spectacularly created. A modern-day take on ancient horoscopes.

Read your hearts out.