the orchid series

Our newest, and most adored collection is a project that combines both word and simple line drawings and focuses on the natural beauty of the Orchid.

'Know, my love, that no matter what size, colour, gender, religion, age or type of person you are, everything you need, your strength, your fire, everything is already inside you.’ - Sunday Lane, Orchid Series I

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the zodiac woman Ii

Staying true to natural curves and shapes of the first collection, these words of affirmation are something new entirely, the Zodiacs reimagined. An updated format, word alterations and some seriously divine new ladies.

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the zodiac woman I

Made for the empowered woman, inspired by you.

'She sets the sky on fire, like an eternal flash of lightning. She is a magnet. Her spirit has strength that can crush mountains.' - Sunday Lane. The Zodiac Woman Collection was born out of love. Inspired to encourage every woman to be made from fire. To be courageous, to know they are fearfully made, that they are the truest form of magic.

Staying true to natural curves and shapes, these words of affirmation organically transformed into an entire zodiac range following all the months of the year. The Zodiacs are a print collection about the star signs, filled with words of inspiration and encouragement. Some serious lady love.  

Sagittarius Bedside
Sagittarius Hat

lane by sunday lane

Our most recent project, Lane, is a dreamy collection of beautifully sourced and curated treasures designed by us in our Brisbane studio. Inspired by neutral, earthy tones and effortless beauty, Lane aims to capture the magic of handmade details.

The first addition to our range exaggerates textured, feminine designs to create uncomplicated, effortless pieces for the woman who is too independent, too powerful, too strong. This collection of Lane accessories is for the woman made from wildfire.



The newest collection offers influences of immeasurable passion and gratitude, for life, for love, for having the freedom to explore this earth. No matter what the season of your life, this collection was born out of a place of love, just for you. Long paragraphs of powerful musings, dreamed up to offer an escape, to help you fall in love with being alive. 

'This life is brutal, brutal but beautiful. So I dare you to hold on. Until you are out of breath, until your legs are weak and your feet, raw. When you feel the weight of this world darling, I dare you to reach into the depths of your soul and hold on. Through all of it, I dare you to fight.' - Sunday Lane

Narrative introduces new designs as well as the return of a reworked Daughter of Light. And darling, they’re everything.


the zodiac man

The Zodiac Man is the perfect partner for an empowered woman. 

'Although you can’t quite put your finger on it, there is something that makes him truly handsome. His eyes offer an intensity, an honesty, a gentleness. He is beautiful. But what he is, what is most beautiful about him, comes from deep within. His spirit. He is a warrior, soft but strong.' - Sunday Lane

Moving away from the organic lines of the original collection, these sweet words reinforce what you already know about your Zodiac Man, and perhaps open your eyes to things you don't. The Zodiacs are an extended print collection designed for the man like no  other. Some serious love for your serious love.