A selection of modest gifts (all under $50) for small acts of kindness.
Explore these beautiful favours perfect for relatives, acquaintances, teachers and colleagues.
Considered gestures to make them feel special.

left, dreamer blank page notebook available in beige, black and brown
right, posie glass candle available in an assortment of scents

left, ivory cone candle 20cm and 25cm
right, inprint magazine


left, weekly diary by an organised life
right, zodiac 03 print series



B U Y E R S   T I P:

When in doubt, our gift cards are a nice way to show that
you have thought of them and allow them to chose their ideal gift.
We now have the option to send them a physical voucher,
which is perfect to give them on Christmas day or send directly to their address if far away.

left, a beautiful gift isn't complete without sweet words
hand written on a card, for you greeting card

right, our diy embroidered linen napkins make for lovely placeholders
at christmas events which your guests can take home as small gifts

left, inspiring pages and a beautiful display piece jane magazine
right, explore our greeting card collection which can then be repurposed as art


left, black bean soy milk hand crafted soap
right, glass teapot


featuring jane magazine issue 6, black blaze pillar candle,
posie scented candle and an organised life gratitude notebook